Gas Hedge Trimmers – Without Worrying About Cable Lengths And Battery Charging

These are the macho machines, the gas hedge trimmers. They do not care much for noise levels and exhaust fumes. They do the work in a short while without making any fuss like the cordless and the electric hedge trimmers do. They can be carried to any corner of the garden without worrying about cable lengths and battery charging.

One of the best models in this category is the Echo HC 150. It has a twenty inch blade which is double sided. It is also a double reciprocating blade which is as good as those available in electric hedge trimmers. This machine uses a gasoline engine which conforms to newer federal laws regarding clean-air issues. It uses an air filtration system which is commercial grade and obeys the new requirements for fuel exhausts. It is definitely much noisier than the cordless and the electric versions and it definitely emits many pollutants from the gasoline engine.

Gas hedge trimmers use blades which have reciprocating teeth. These operate on the same principle as manual shears and cut through all kinds of branches while trimming hedges. They are powerful tools which create perfect hedges. The design of these gas hedge trimmers is much like that of chain saws. The engines which operate these gas hedge trimmers range from 25cc to 40cc. The powerful engine allows the manufacturers to make the blades very strong and versatile. They can be one sided or double sided. They can also be made in a manner which allows the teeth to reach hard to get at places.

The power of the engine allows the blades to be of any length ranging from eighteen inches to twenty two inches but also can be as small as twelve inches or great in length to the extent of forty inches. One of course has to remember that the increasing length will make the machine a bit awkward to handle and also much heavier.

A throttle lock out lever is a must in gas hedge trimmers. In this provision the user has to have his hand fully wrapped around the throttle otherwise the blades will not work. This is a safety feature to protect the hands of the user. The powerful nature of the machine also requires a fast stopping mechanism.

The front hand also to be protected by a solid hand guard. New machines have been manufactured in such a manner that the vibrations of earlier machines have been softened by as much as sixty per cent.

Other great models in the gas hedge trimmers are the Poulan Pro 25HHT and the Craftsman 79634.

The Poulan Pro 25 HHT is perfect for large gardens with big hedges. The gas operated machine has been fitted with a carburettor which allows the machine to be used at any angle even upside down. This carburettor allows the fuel to flow even in these odd positions. The machine has a twenty two inch blade.
The Craftsman 79634 is also a powerful machine and perfect for hedge trimming. Gas hedge trimmers are perfect for those people whether male or female who can handle heavy machines.