Greenworks Hedge Trimmers – Their Lightweight Factor And Ever-Lasting Battery Back-Up

With a great reputation built up over the years, GreenWorks has been a great servant of the appliance industry. Striving hard to manufacture advanced and innovative products, GreenWorks hedge trimmer has had great customer response and support over the years.

In the hedge trimmer industry, there have been numerous hedge trimmers from the House of GreenWorks that have been liked by the customers. Among the most popular ones, there is the 22-inch hedge trimmer of GreenWorks. This comes with the advanced Li-Ion battery and with a powerful motor of 20-volts. The sharp and rust-resistant steel blades have the ability to cut through branches with 0.75-inches of thickness. Furthermore, the dual-action blades ensure almost no vibration in the hands while cutting through the hedges and debris. The handle comes with a 3-sided comfortable grip. All in all, this is one of those ideal hedge trimmers that is jam-packed with features, lightweight, and affordable. Available at just about $50, this comes as the perfect choice for those who are looking for feature-oriented hedge trimmer in a limited budget. Another one in the list is the GreenWorks 22032 model. This 22-inch electric hedge trimmer comes with 18-volt battery power. The dual-action blades ensure zero vibration in the hands while trimming and the hardened steel blades come with a 3/8-inch cutting capacity. Available at around a price of $70, this is an ideal hedge trimmer for those who do not mind paying a little more for added performance.

To compare the GreenWorks hedge trimmers with those of other brands available within the same budget, there is the Black & Decker LHT 120 that gives a tough competition to the 22-inch model of GreenWorks. The former might be the more expensive of the two but it also comes with a more powerful battery of 20-volts. Also, the latter has a Ni-cad battery system where as the model of the Black & Decker comes with a more advanced Lithium Ion battery. With the capacity of cutting about 1200 square feet of area in every 30-minute charge, this amazing model from the House of Black & Decker surely takes on the lead when it comes to its comparison with the GreenWorks model. Of course, the GreenWorks model is no less good in quality but for those who do not mind paying a few more bucks for some extra power and features, the Black & Decker comes as the best option.

GreenWorks hedge trimmers have had positive customer feedback over the years. With hardly any cons and with all the pros attached, these are few of those hedge trimmers that customers can trust blindly in terms of quality. Their lightweight factor and ever-lasting battery back-up are what people have liked the most. In addition, the 4 year warranty provided by the company is not what every company offers. This shows the confidence that the brand has in its products and allows the customers to go for GreenWorks hedge trimmers without any second thoughts.