Gardena Hedge Trimmers – One Of The Most Affordable Brands

Gardena has been a well-known quality brand name in the hedge trimmer industry for quite a man years now. They have been manufacturing convenient, lightweight, and feature-oriented hedge trimmers over the years to cater to every gardening need. Gardena has introduced various categories of hedge trimmers to suit the needs of every customer. The EasyCut category includes hedge trimmers that are light-weighted and powerful and ideal for cutting through small bushes and hedges. The ErgoCut category includes hedge trimmers that have a 90-degree rotatable handle and can go through even the hardest of cutting tasks with ease. The HighCut category includes models that can cut hedges as thick as 3m without any hassle.

Among the most popular models of Gardena hedge trimmers, there comes the Gardena THS400 electric hedge trimmer that 240v 350-watt powerful motor. With an adjustable handle till 84-degrees, this comfortable hedge trimmer does not let the user feel any vibration in hand. Apart from this, there are the EasyCut 50-Li and the ErgoCut 48-Li. Both come with a powerful motor of 18-V with a battery capacity of 1.6 Ah. With Li-Ion battery type, the tool runs up to 60 minutes continuously without a stoppage. The EasyCut model comes with a 500mm blade whereas the ErgoCut one comes with 480mm of blade length.

There are many products in the market that give a tough competition to these quality hedge trimmers from the House of Gardena. Among the most competitive hedge trimmers, there comes the Black & Decker GTC800 pole hedge trimmer. Priced at about 93 Euros, some might argue that the price is somewhat more than that of Gardena hedge trimmers but this efficient and powerful hedge trimmer comes with a 180-degree rotatable handle with 5 rotating positions that makes the cutting task altogether easy. However, in terms of the battery back-up and the battery type, the Black & Decker model comes with Ni-Cad batteries that require a charge for 3 hours and runs for 50 minutes compared to more efficient Li-Ion batteries of Gardena that runs for 60 minutes. All in all, Gardena’s hedge trimmers hold the upper hand between the two in terms of features and performance.

The best thing about the Gardena hedge trimmers is their price. Customers have rated these as one of the most affordable brands when it comes to hedge trimmers. With such a variety of features on offer at such a reasonable price, customers are bound to go for such quality hedge trimmers. However, certain customers have also complained about the battery power of these hedge trimmers. They have reported that the battery needs more charging and works for lesser hours compared to battery back-up of other top-rated brands.

Gardena hedge trimmers are quite powerful tools that offer the best of cutting and trimming results. Their agronomic design and fair balance make sure that the cutting experience is comfortable for both, left-handed and right-handed persons. Most of the Gardena hedge trimmers are cordless, running on batteries and so, there is no hassle of plugging in of wires. Coming with Lithium-Ion batteries, these hedge trimmers can work proficiently for hours without any hassle.