Remington Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Remington is among the oldest of brands in the niche of cutting, sewing, and trimming tools and this includes domestic gardening machinery too. Remington’s pole saws and chainsaws are considered among the best and this promise of quality is also reflected in its range of hedge trimmers.

Easy Hedge Trimming with Remington Hedge Wizard 110946-01

Among its most popular offerings, the Remington Hedge Wizard 110946-01 has been able to carve a niche for itself. It is considered among the best of hedge trimmers, particularly for households that are struggling with rather tall, overtly aggressive-growing shrubs. For starters, this trimmer is not as heavy-duty as some of its more popular counterparts. This might seem to suggest that the machine is underpowered. However, this is not the case.

The Remington Hedge Wizard 110946-01 is quite capable of cutting with ease through thick shrubs. The lighter weight only makes it easier to access taller hedges. Thus, it is chosen by homeowners who need to clip hedges climbing beyond their vertical reach. The lightweight is a result of using the fiberglass shaft. This ensures that the overall weight of the trimmer is controlled while the grip and overall handling is not compromised.

The Remington Hedge Wizard 110946-01 can easily trim branches around the 10-foot mark. The performance features also include the cutting action of 17-inch dual-cutting bars. These are capable of gnawing through thicker branches and can trim them up to ¾ of an inch with ease.

The bar can pivot around 180 degrees and can be adjusted in five positions, ensuring the trimming of hedges growing at demanding angles an undemanding task. This ensures that the machine’s user has to bend minimally while the loop handle ensures a more comfortable grip. There is a lock-on switch that allows trimming at a slightly slower speed.

This is particularly helpful when the vision is slightly obstructed and the trimming needs to be done in a restrained manner. While doing so, the button doesn’t need to be held down which is of great convenience. The non-stick grip ensures that sweating cannot loosen the grip while the hand-guard along the motor’s base further ensures the operator’s safety.

Powerful Trimming with Remington Axcess Hedge Trimmers

Another favored Remington model in this segment is the Remington Axcess Hedge Trimmers. These are essentially not purist trimmers. They combine the features of a typical hedge trimmer and pole-tree pruners. The blades of Axcess trimmers suggest that they are traditional trimmers meant for trimming household hedges but their high performance suggests that they are also capable of pole-pruning.

These are among the more powerful of hedge trimmers and their weight is much more than that of typical, domestic use trimmer. The most impressive features include the pivoting power-head. This allows rendering a specific shape to the hedges without having to worry about the varying power demands during a trimming session. The telescoping features mean that this trimmer’s reach provides an extra reach of about 10 inches. Remember the Axcess hedge trimmers are quite heavy and are not meant for the novice gardeners.