Hedge Trimmer Reviews and Ratings – Finding Best Hedge Trimmers Tools for You

The Hedgetrimmersreviews.com has all the hedge trimmer reviews, including Garden Groom, Echo, Stihl, Little Wonder, Shindaiwa, Snow Joe, Black & Decker, Earthwise, Ryobi, Greenworks, Homelite, Remington and many other.

One can find numerous types of hedge trimmers available in the market these days. These vary on the basis of two differences on the whole; single blade and dual blade. However, people prefer the dual-blade hedge trimmers more of the two. The other factor that differentiates hedge trimmers is their type of electric, cordless, gas, or long reach ones.

Buying a hedge trimmer is always an important decision to make because of its various types available and Hedgetrimmersreviews.com proves to be a great helping hand for its clients to choose the best hedge trimmer as per their needs and requirements.

Why does one need detailed hedge trimmer reviews?

There are multiple options available to a customer while buying a hedge trimmer. There are various companies, including Garden Groom, Echo, Stihl, Little Wonder, Shindaiwa, Snow Joe, Black & Decker, Earthwise, Ryobi, Greenworks, Homelite and Remington are facing tough competition from each other today. Apart from this, there are endless types of hedge trimmers that include gas hedge trimmers, corded electric hedge trimmers, cordless hedge trimmers, and long reach hedge trimmers; all these make it quite difficult for a customer to make their final decision.

Secondary factors like safety and ease-to-use factor also play an important role. Trimmers that require the use of both hands to keep it in operation are considered to be more risk-free as they automatically switch off when one hand is removed. In addition, when a trimmer is lightweight and evenly balanced, there are fewer chances of fatigue to take place while operating and offer a great comfort level as well that is said to be quite an essential factor for undertaking huge trimming tasks.

Things to look for when buying a hedge trimmer

A good hedge trimmer should not just be balanced but should be lightweight as well. The benefit that a person gets with dual blades is that there is the flexibility to cut in either direction and not just in one. Furthermore, hedge trimmers having the wrap-around handle comes as a great feature for the users. Above all, there are the electric trimmers that most of the users, who have a garden at their place, choose as not only are they inexpensive but are much easier to use as well. It is important to go through the manual thoroughly to be on a safer side. The consumer guide is very handy in knowing all the features available for the user.

The site reviews all the hedge trimmer models and of all the sizes and weights. This helps anyone and everyone to find the right kind of hedge trimmers for them. It does not always mean that a hedge trimmer that is expensive is sure to be good in every context. In fact, some of the latest hedge trimmers are quite heavy in operation. That is where hedgetrimmersreviews.com comes into use and offers every customer all the reviews and ratings of all the hedge trimmers before one finalizes the right one for them.

Some thoughts.

The selection of the best hedge trimmers depends on the size of the hedges you have to trim. An area that has many thick hedges will most probably require a gas-operated hedge trimmer. It has many advantages and the foremost is maneuverability. Since the power is inside the hedge trimmer there is no need to be handicapped by a long cable or a dying battery. The petrol engine is a bit noisy like a moped but it has tremendous power for cutting thick and long hedges. The only drawback is that these hedge trimmers are a bit heavy and can be categorized as perfect for professional gardeners. The best hedge trimmers powered by gas are The Stihl HS 45 and the Echo HC 150. The Stihl hedge trimmer has the choice of an 18” or 24’ double-sided blade. This is as powerful as it gets. The Echo two has a double-sided blade and this is in a twenty-inch size.

If the work involving the hedges in your garden is of a medium level then the electric hedge trimmers are perfect for such a job. The choice of blades also matters in the electric version of the hedge trimmer. Double-sided blades are always better because they make shaping of the hedge easier. One can give a curving edge to the hedge or a sharp right-angled edge. Double-edged blades make it easier to get the desired shape of the hedge. There are many different varieties of blades and they range from the plastic to the very strong and sharp steel blades. The gap between the blades also matters, the closer the blades are to each other the more powerful will be the cutting. The best electric hedge trimmers are the Black & Decker HH 2450 or the Craftsman 79442. These are definitely better than the cordless variety because the speed does not tend to vary as the battery discharges in the cordless hedge trimmer.

The third choice in hedge trimmers is the battery-powered variety. This is perfect for areas where the hedges are not too many. The battery life is rather limited to half an hour or a little more so all work has to be stopped after that period of time. The advantage of the battery-powered hedge trimmer is that it is lightweight and easy to carry. The solution to the limited life lies in buying an extra battery and just changing the battery when the first one gives up the ghost. The best hedge trimmers in this category are the Black & Decker NHT 518 which has a twenty-two-inch blade. It runs on an eighteen-volt nickel-cadmium battery and has a running time of fifty minutes. It weighs only 6.4 lbs. The other good hedge trimmer is the American Gardener RH18.

A final factor in deciding which is the best hedge trimmer lies in the person who is going to use the powerful tool. An experienced and powerful male will go for the gas variety because of the extreme power it generates. An occasional and hobby gardener who is not so tall and hefty will definitely prefer the lighter battery-operated models.