Cordless Hedge Trimmers – They Can Reach Those Inaccessible Corners

Hedge trimmers are available in various models and power sources. The power sources are gas, electricity, and a battery pack. Most homes have hedges that are not very big and do not require much attention. An hour of care with a hedge trimmer is more than enough for most homes. This is the reason why cordless hedge trimmers are becoming so popular. They are lightweight and can be lifted by the lady of the house while she spruces up her garden by trimming the hedges. Men naturally go for more power and noise but since the trimming is eventually going to be done by the wife while the husband watches the football game, it is a wise decision to buy a cordless hedge trimmer.

As with all versions of the hedge trimmers, Black & Decker are in the lead in this segment of garden tools too. The most popular is the Black & Decker NHT518. This can be given the title of the best cordless hedge trimmer without any hesitation. All reviewers love it and give it a rating in the range of 4.5. This is powered by an eighteen Volt battery and has a twenty-two-inch blade. The battery lasts for approximately fifty minutes. The machine is very lightweight at 6.4 pounds. To get over the problem of the low running time one can buy an extra battery and change it when the first one runs out. This gives a power pack of almost two hours. This much time is more than enough for most home gardens.

The advantage of cordless hedge trimmers is that they can reach those inaccessible corners where the larger electric machines cannot go. The cordless hedge trimmer also does away with the requirement of handling a long wire as necessary in the electric model. It has a great 2 year warranty. Black & Decker claim that one charge of the battery is enough to trim a hedge area of twelve hundred square feet.

Another good cordless hedge trimmer is the American Gardener RH 18. This runs on an eighteen volt battery and has special blades called quad-blade for a superior double sided action.

People who are eco friendly and go for green things do not like the sound polluting gas versions of the hedge trimmer. The gas hedge trimmers also give off toxic fumes. The electric hedge trimmers restrain the movement of the gardener with the cable which virtually tether the user to a certain extent.

Cordless hedge trimmers easily manage to cut through branches as thick as 3/8th of an inch. Another good version of the cordless hedge trimmer is the Black & Decker LHT 120 battery operated machine. This is powered by a lithium-Ion battery which runs for about half an hour. It has a twenty two inch blade. This is called the Hedge Hog trimmer.

Black & Decker virtually rule the world of cordless hedge trimmers with the addition of the Black & Decker NHT524, which is operated by a 24 volt battery and has a longer reach with a twenty four inch blade.

It can be said that cordless hedge trimmers are ideal for the home gardener who wants to keep hedges in super shape.