Mantis Hedge Trimmers – Dependable And Rugged

This Mantis Hedge Trimmer is a specialized quality hedge trimmer, dependable and rugged. Most models of these hedge trimmers mostly have thru hardened carbon stainless steel blades that keep the edge sharp and longer than other stainless steel blades.

These models have strong blades that deliver a powerful and precise cut. Its double and reciprocating blades provide a cleaner, faster cut with very less vibration than other manual and electric hedge trimmers. These are also available in gas-powered and electric models.

It has a 30-inch single-edge trimmer bar accessory that offers an additional reach to deal with high hedges. With the power of the 2-cycle Mantis engine, it trims and shapes prune shrubs, hedges and cuts up big stalks for the dung pile. Having dual reciprocating 30-inch single edging steel blades, this Mantis Hedge Trimmer slices from side to side branches up-to 1-inch thick with proficient results. The staggered tooth-comb holds thick-growth longer for better cutting work and an easy-grip, big handle promises batter control and comfort. It is also trouble-free to attach and remove.

It works great, at the same time as great as the Mantis Tiller, awfully sharp cutters, handy without dragging 150-inch of electrical cord. It has a 150-inch hedge 10-inch high and cuts in no time then using old electric. It can work day and night as compared to the usual off-the-shelf corded trimmers. It is not too expensive that it is closer to the professional or commercial quality trimmer.


  • Cuts down up-to ½ inch diameter
  • Has angled gear-teeth produce more power
  • Strong frame-bar for years of usage.
  • Has cord hook into handle
  • Has longer blades then electrical trimmer
  • Has Mantis 2-cycle engine
  • Easy to remove and attach.
  • Dual reciprocating single-edged stainless steel blades
  • Offers facility to attached high hedges


  • Annoying vibration
  • Not batter on bumpy ground
  • No edger-height adjustments

The shoulder harness and handles are set along with the normal size person. It can be set according to the operator’s performance by loosening the screws and sliding up or down the handle. Make assure to re-tighten the screws before using a hedge trimmer.

The engine, which is the most remarkable element of the trimmer, is simple and easy to start and is as reliable and long-lasting as any other in the market. Leading the market in performance and efficiency, Mantis Hedge Trimmers are developed for the severe household user or gardening skilled peoples. It builds with only the top quality components, requires minimum repairs, and boasts reliability.

This is a lightweight trimmer with advanced vibration control technology. Great consideration has been given to this model is wonderfully balanced enabling batter control across the full range of operating positions in addition to reducing fatigue.
The blades provide exceptionally precise and fast cutting quality with the double reciprocating, entirely closely fitted and sharpened lower and uppercutting edges. The blade speed is above 7000 rpm. Safety features comprise the security of the operator from heat shrouds fitted to all heat components and the gears are fully enclosed with a safety guard.