Great States Hedge Trimmers – Portable, Convenient

Great States has introduced numerous feature-oriented hedge trimmers in the market to cater to both, personal as well as professional needs. One gets to choose from a wide range of portable, convenient, jam-packed with features and durable hedge trimmers as per their budget in hand.

There are a quite many Great States hedge trimmers that customers love to go for. Among the most popular and the most sold ones are the GT 18V 22-inch hedge trimmer and GT 15-inch 6A hedge trimmer. The first one is the 22-inch long hedge trimmer that comes with an 18-volt powerful battery to let the user cut through the toughest of hedges conveniently. Priced just below $80, this comes as the perfect option for those who prefer to trim their garden on their own instead of hiring some professional service and are looking for a reasonably-priced hedge trimmer. However, for those who are looking for a basic hedge trimmer serving the main gardening needs, there is the 15-inch long hedge trimmer from the House of Great States. This electric hedge trimmer is perfect for those who are looking for the most basic features of a hedge trimmer within an affordable budget. Priced at an unbelievably low amount of about $50, this fantastic hedge trimmer serves every function of a hedge trimmer and lasts for years without any complaints. Another popular hedge trimmer manufactured by the Great States is CH10122. This cordless hedge trimmer comes with rubber molded handles with a two-hand auxiliary option. The hardened steel blade and aluminum blade support make the trimming task altogether easy for the user. This 22-inch long hedge trimmer has the capacity to undertake 3000 cutting strokes per minute. Priced at just about $85, this product gives a tough competition to many hedge trimmers of other brands available within the same budget.

Great States hedge trimmers face tough competition from the hedge trimmers of Earthwise. For instance, the CH10122 by Great States is overdone by the HT10022 electric hedge trimmer by Earthwise. With a 2.8 amp motor, 22 inches long blade, and with the ability to undertake as much as 3500 cutting strokes in a minute, this product from Earthwise overtakes the performance factor of the product from Great States by a great margin. Moreover, the HT10022 is available at about $50 compared to CH10122’s price of $85.

Great States hedge trimmers might not have that big a customer-following as that of many other bigger branded hedge trimmers but they surely give a tough competition of them. The only negative aspect related to the hedge trimmers from the House of Great States is their price. Critics believe that these are priced more to go with the features on offer and that is why numerous people overlook them and go with other quality hedge trimmers. However, that does not take away any fame and popularity that Great States hedge trimmers have. They have had a great customer response from those who have used them.