Black & Decker Hedge Trimmers – Among The Most Popular Variants Of Hedge Trimmers

Black & Decker hedge trimmers are known to be one of the best in the business. Well-known for the innovative variants of hedge trimmers launched in the market, Black & Decker has introduced numerous feature-oriented hedge trimmers to suit the different needs of every customer. Every hedge trimmer comes in different sizes, features, and quality. One can choose the right hedge trimmer for them depending upon the budget in hand and the features required. There are trimmers with different blade lengths ranging from 14 inches to as long as 35 inches. Furthermore, there are some that are extremely lightweight and come with heavy-duty. While some are designed especially for professional use, some others take care of the small garden needs. One can find almost every type of hedge trimmer from the House of Black & Decker.

Among the most popular variants of hedge trimmers, the NHT518 is one of the most sold-out products launched by Black & Decker. The product is known for its lightweight (weighing just 6.4 pounds) and minimal vibration and sound. One can almost feel no vibration at all in their hands after handling the NHT518. This 22-inch long trimmer comes with a powerful motor of 18-volts. Perfect for performing small trimming tasks, this cordless trimmer is rated as the perfect product for house-owners who love to trim their garden on their own. However, the critics believe this hedge trimmer is a little on the expensive side considering the features it has on offer. The next in the list is the CCC3000 that is an 18-volt cordless hedge trimmer and works wonderfully well even on hard surfaces. This appliance cleans up debris with ease. With great battery life and easy to operate, the CCC3000 is regarded as an “all-in-one” trimmer and is perfect for house-owners. There hasn’t been any such negative review about this trimmer by any customer as of now. On a professional level, there comes the Black & Decker HH2450. With a long reach and easy to use functions, this hedge trimmer reaches even the “hard-to-reach” places and cleans up even the hardest of bushes and debris without any difficulty. This corded electric trimmer comes with 24-inch dual-action blades which can perform up to 2800 cutting strokes in a minute. Weighing just 6.2 pounds, this lightweight hedge trimmer is one of the most well-balanced hedge trimmers from the House of Black & Decker. The only negative aspect related to this trimmer is its corded feature.

Over the years, Black & Decker have developed a great reputation in the hedge trimmer market. One can blindly trust the brand and expect top quality hedge trimmers jam-packed with unmatched features and their availability at the most competitive prices. With every hedge trimmer being performance-oriented and among the most well-balanced and easy to operate hedge trimmers in the market, no doubt B & D hedge trimmers are one of the best choices and keeps every customer satisfied and content. After all, Black & Decker is more or less known for its durable and affordable products that take care of every aspect of a customer.