Craftsman Hedge Trimmers – To Suit Different Cutting Needs

Craftsman is one brand that has gained popularity over the years mainly because of its high-class hedge trimmers. With so many hedge trimmers introduced to suit different cutting needs, Craftsman hedge trimmers have had a good customer response with hardly any negative factor reported.

With so many quality hedge trimmers launched in the market, it gets difficult for the customer to decide as to which Craftsman hedge trimmer to go for. However, there are certain models that are sold like cupcakes and are quite popular in the hedge trimmer industry. The first in this list is the 22-inch electric hedge trimmer from the house of Craftsman. This powerful hedge trimmer is best suited for users who love to trim their house garden on their own. Safety has been given the top priority in manufacturing this product. The lock-on and lock-off button make sure the trimmer does not start on its own when powered off and runs smoothly without any hassle when powered on. The rust-resistant blades run for years, thereby giving a smooth cutting experience on every cutting task performed. This model is priced at around $80.

Apart from the 22-inch model, there also comes the 79941-model; the 20-inch model that is priced slightly less than the 22-inch one with almost the same features on offer. This effective hedge trimmer also comes with the lock-off and lock-on buttons just like the 22-inch one, to ensure proper safety of the user. The handle of this efficient hedge trimmer is 3-sided that provides the user with the bigger grip cover and added comfort. Priced at around $65, the 20-inch long dual-action blades of this trimmer make sure that the cutting is evenly and smoothly done. These dual-action blades also make sure there is less vibration in the hands of the user while performing the cutting and trimming task.

The trademark positives attached with most of the Craftsman hedge trimmers are their pocket-friendly price and easy-to-use functions. The functions of these trimmers are simple to understand and can be operated by every beginner. Moreover, these trimmers are priced at a reasonable amount keeping in mind the features on offer and the budget of the customer. On the other hand, there are certain negative aspects as well associated with the Craftsman hedge trimmer. The first in the list is a limited number of features. It is said that other brands offer quite many advanced features at a reasonable price that are not offered by Craftsman.

In comparison to the 20-inch hedge trimmer from the house of Craftsman, there is the LSW 120 from the house of Black & Decker. This 20-inch long hedge trimmer is priced about $25 more than the 20-inch model of Craftsman but offers additional features worth the extra amount paid. With a powerful motor of 20-volts and lithium-ion batteries, this effective hedge trimmer requires 5-times less the charge compared to the 20-inch model of the Craftsman. Creating less noise while in operation and extremely lightweight, this model from Black & Decker has the upper hand when it comes to comparison with the Craftsman’s product.