Turbo Garden Hedge Trimmers – Regarded As The Best In The Niche Of Electric Hedge-Trimming Tools

Turbo Garden is among the most well-known names in the gardening and cutting tools segment. The Turbo Garden series of hedge cutters and trimmers are regarded as the best in the niche of Electric hedge-trimming tools.

Turbo Garden TDGHE07 Circular Hedge Trimmer

The Turbo Garden Hedgivore TDGHE07 is considered one of the most standard options for household garden trimming. Powered with 120 volts, the Turbo Garden Hedgivore TDGHE07 is essentially a circular hedge trimmer. It uses tensile steel blades that are strong and lightweight. The trimmer is not meant for heavy pruning, i.e. it is essentially a lightweight trimmer meant for moderate levels of domestic hedge cutting and shaping. It is equipped with an unusual accessory, i.e. a mulch bag.

Using a 120-Volt power pattern, it is equipped to provide a rather long run time and is perfect for shaping and pruning smaller bushes. The debris created from the cutting action of the steel blades is stored as ultra-fine mulch. Like most products from Hedgivore Turbo Garden, this machine is backed by a year’s warranty. The lightweight of the trimmer means it is ideal for trimming in shrub spreads with the limited ground. The operator can extend the trimmer across to the dense shrubs.

Cutting with regular trimmers might seem a bit faster since they don’t seem to create such finely-cut mulch. However, the debris created from them can be rather difficult to clean particularly when the ground surface contains small rocks or if the shrubs are marked by a pebble border. Even using tarps and sheets doesn’t help in such cases. The smaller size of the TDGHE07 means that it can be placed more accurately between the shrubs, ensuring better shaping. Secondly, the mulch bag ensures that all the pruning debris (including the finest of clippings) is collected automatically, leaving no mess.

The cutting diameter of the Turbo Garden TDGHE07 extends to just about 10 inches. This might seem small for standard pruning purposes but it compensates by offering extreme ease-of-handling. Yes, if the trimming needs to be done beyond two inches, the operator would need to exercise some patience since the trimming section will take more time with a limited cutting expanse. Thus, it is advised to consider the TDGHE07 only if the trimming demands are less than two inches.

Turbo Garden TGP-LPCP-7 21.6 Volt Trimmer

This is the other, Lithium-ion powered electrical trimmer from Turbo Garden. It is a handy trimmer that comes with a cordless and corded option. This electric trimmer is retailed with a blower kit and is suited for the most basic of domestic trimming requirements. The 21.6-volt lithium battery ensures 120 volts of uninterrupted electric supply but not unlimited run-time. The charger needs nearly two hours to fully charge the battery. This trimmer can be used by first-time gardening enthusiasts too.

Its extreme lightweight built means that it can also double-up as a shaping trimmer when paired with a heavy-duty pruning/trimming tool. The outer casing of this trimmer doesn’t exude the durability associated with the more sturdily-built gas trimmers but for its price and limited range-of-application, the Turbo Garden TGP-LPCP-7 21.6 answers most questions a prospective buyer would pose.