Earthwise Hedge Trimmers – With Very Less Customer Complaints And Positive User Response

Earthwise has been a popular name in the hedge trimmer industry for quite many years now. Well known for their quality, the hedge trimmers manufactured under the name of Earthwise are said to be everlasting and performance-oriented. With very few customer complaints and positive user response, Earthwise hedge trimmers have become the products that one can blindly trust.

There are quite many hedge trimmers from the House of Earthwise hat are designed specifically for house owners who have a limited budget, have less trimming work to do, and love to keep their garden trimmed. The first among these is the Earthwise HT10024 electric hedge trimmer. This 24-inch long hedge trimmer comes with a 3.8-amp motor that allows about 3500 cutting strokes to take place in a minute. The hardened steel blade ensures smooth cutting even through the toughest of bushes and hedges. Priced at just about $50, this comes as the perfect choice for people who look for efficient hedge trimmers in a limited budget. Apart from this, there is the CHT10122 cordless electric hedge trimmer. This 22-inch long hedge trimmer has an 18-volt powerful motor within that allows about 3000 cutting strokes per minute. There is the aluminum blade sup with hardened steel that ensures that the trimming and cutting task is performed smoothly. Priced at just a shade less than $60, this comes as a must-buy for every garden lover. And for all those who do not mind paying a little more for additional comfort, there is the CST00012 cordless string trimmer. This 12-inch portable hedge trimmer comes with a powerful 18-volt motor. The telescopic handle comes with an adjustable 3-position cutting head that allows the user to cut through the debris and bushes more comfortably.

In the competition to the CST00012 hedge trimmer by Earthwise, there comes the Black & Decker  NST2118 hedge trimmer. While the Earthwise model has the upper hand in terms of pricing with the NST2118 priced at about $100, the Black & Decker model has the upper hand in terms of performance. It comes with the PowerDrive Transmission that ensures a smooth and powerful trimming and cutting experience even through the hardest of debris, bushes, and hedges. In addition, it can also be used as an edger. Thus, the additional cost of the Black & Decker model brings in greater added features as well, and of course, with the brand name of Black & Decker attached, people would prefer to go with NST2118 out of the two.

Apart from most of the positive customer responses, there have also been some cons attached to the Earthwise hedge trimmers. While some have reported them to be less powerful as compared to other branded hedge trimmers available within the same budget, some others have criticized the blades to be ineffective when it comes to cutting through the tough debris. In addition, there is a great vibration feeling in the hands during and after the cutting task is undertaken. Also, the trimmers work on NiCad batteries and not the lithium-ion batteries; the latter being the latest technology used by most of the currently branded hedge trimmers.