Poulan Hedge Trimmers

Poulan is among the more established brands in the niche of gardening tools, particularly popular for its wide range of hedger cutters and trimmers. One of its more popular offerings in this segment is a Gas Hedge Trimmer, called the Poulan Pro 25HHT. This hedge trimmer is ideally suited for you if you need to maintain a rather large garden or a shrub spread that tends to grow quickly.

Gas-powered Poulan Pro Hedge Trimmers Make Sense

It should be noted that most of the gas-powered hedge trimmers are a bit more robust than their electric counterparts. Thus, you should be sure whether moving from the quiet performance of an electric hedge trimmer to the powerful but slightly-grateful gas trimmer like the Poulan Pro 25HHT is suited to your preferences. One big advantage of using gas hedge trimmers is that they are more versatile, allowing you to trim the thinnest of shrubs. In fact, you can easily trim the shrubs up to three-quarter-of-an-inch with ease. Secondly, gas-hedge trimmers use gasoline for their power output. This means that they don’t stop functioning even if there is an electrical problem in the household.

Most Popular of Poulan’s Domestic Hedge Trimmers— Poulan Pro 25HHT

The Poulan Pro 25HHT is fitted with a petrol carburetor. It can be used for the most demanding of trimming requirements. It works equally well along with sharp angles and can even be used upside down! The trimming prowess of the Poulan Pro 25HHT is attributed to its 22-inch blades. These blades are equipped with a dual cutting action. This ensures faster and cleaner cutting. The cutting performance is smooth and is free from vibration.

The dampening of vibrations is mainly due to the anti-vibe handle. This further helps to reduce the noise and improves the grip. It also makes the handling of the Poulan Pro 25HHT easier. With a rather large fuel tank, the Poulan Pro 25HHT can be used for longer periods without worrying about re-fuelling.

The 25cc engine might not be the quietest among contemporary gas-powered hedge trimmers but it isn’t too noisy as well. The blades seem to have a most durable form of steel that ensures long-term cutting performance. The engine has been equipped with DuraLife which ensures its long life and minimal maintenance. Weighing in at just over 13 pounds, the Poulan Pro 25HHT is ideally suited for larger, domestic hedge trimming requirements.

Some Limitations of Poulan Pro 25HHT

The Poulan Pro 25HHT doesn’t seem to have any drawbacks as far as the cutting performance is concerned and is equipped to handle most types of domestic hedges but it might present a few, trivial issues.  At 13 pounds, this is not the easiest of gardening tools to use, particularly for folks who are new to hedge trimming. Again, the blades are made from quality steel but aren’t pure, stainless steel and thus, they are likely to develop rust or some corrosion problem if not maintained properly. Though this problem can be avoided using a thin coating of oil, this might be an issue for the more seasoned gardeners.

Try Poulan Pro 28cc for Even Better Trimming Performance

The other option offered by Poulan is a very similar but slightly more powerful, 28cc Gas Hedge Trimmer. Understandably, it offers more power output and is adorned with stainless steel blades. The rear handle rotates and this allows the machine’s operator to make vertical and horizontal cuts with easy maneuvering. The engine start is spring assisted and this means that the blades are immediately pushed into top-cutting mode once the engine trimmer is switched on.