Electric Hedge Trimmers – Lighter And Price Is Also Reasonable

There are three power sources for hedge trimmers and these are gas, electricity, and battery. Gas operated hedge trimmers are very heavy and make a lot of noise. They do the job perfectly for hefty people who can lift the heavy machines made heavier with a tankful of petrol. They are also objected to because of the noxious fumes emitted by the petrol engine.

The cordless variety of hedge trimmer is very user friendly but the batteries are not very long-lasting and can frustratingly run out after a short while. The perfect answer for the trimming of hedges is the electric hedge trimmer. People object to the long cable that has to be carried along while working. That is the sole drawback; otherwise, the electric hedge trimmer is the perfect machine. It does not suffer a variation in power as the cordless hedge trimmer does and it does not make a ruckus as the gas-powered hedge trimmer does.

Manufacturers have added many features to make the operation of electric hedge trimmers more versatile and safer. Electric hedge trimmers are also lighter. Their price is also reasonable and they do not have any starting problems like the gas-operated hedge trimmers do. They are in fact the perfect machines without the vigorous vibrations of the gas-operated machines. The electric hedge trimmers have strong steel blades which are double-edged.

The electric hedge trimmers have a trigger lock which allows the user to relax and take off fingers from the trigger while in operation. The best machines in this category are also manufactured by Black & Decker. The most efficient and powerful model is the Black & Decker HH2450. The HT018 is also a good electric hedge trimmer.

Another company manufacturing a good electric hedge trimmer is  Craftsman with the 79442 model. It is a lightweight and powerful machine.

Electric hedge trimmers have become very safe with ergonomically designed handles and handguards. The electric cord earlier used to be attached by a male and female plug connection but newer versions have molded electric wire connections that are securely attached to the hedge trimmer with a hook-shaped attachment. One care that has to be taken with the electric hedge trimmers is that they should be kept away from water sprays and puddles. This is the only dangerous side to these electric hedge trimmers.

The Black and Decker HH2450 is the one with the highest rating. This is rightly named the Hedgehog. It has a 3.3 Amps motor. The blade is a dual-action twenty four-inch version. The machine has a great reach and is very well designed. Tall and wide hedges can be pruned with this electric hedge trimmer.

The Black & Decker HT018 is another perfect machine with an eighteen-inch blade. The handles are three-sided and provide a great and safe grip. There is a lock-off switch to prevent the accidental starting of the machine. There is a comfortable lock-on switch.

These low maintenance machines are the best in the electric hedge trimmers range.