Ryobi Hedge Trimmers – Providing Affordable And Performance-Oriented Trimmers

In the niche of gas hedge trimmers for domestic trimming requirements, Ryobi’s range of hedge trimmers and cutters have been engaging a lot of attention. This brand is associated with providing affordable and performance-oriented trimmers. It is one of the few hedge trimming providers that provide an equally impressive portfolio across electric and gas-powered trimmers.

Exploring Ryobi Zrry39500 Hedge Trimmer

Yes, gas-powered trimmers are more powerful and slightly heavier than the electric powered models but this also means more power and the ability to slice through thicker branches. This also means that no waiting for the batteries to get charged or trimming around messy power cords. The absence of electricity means the safety of trimming during the wet season. The Ryobi Zrry39500 is among the more affordable of trimmers in this category.

The gear cases in many of Ryobi’s trimmers have been given a magnesium gear covering and the Ryobi Zrry39500 too uses this. As a result, the durability of the machine is raised without adding to its weight. At 22 inches, the blades are not exceptionally long but they are well-suited for most household hedge-trimming challenges. The blades have been made from hardened steel and not stainless steel but they are quite durable and capable of providing satisfactory cutting performance. The blades are adorned with dual-action teeth. This means that the teeth are present on both sides of the blade. This also helps to reduce the vibrations which help the operator to continue cutting over longer periods without the grip being compromised.

Like most gas-powered trimmers, Ryobi Zrry39500 uses a two-stroke petrol engine. This is a 26 cc engine that has been mated with a StartEasy system for ensuring undemanding start/stop action. Even though the Ryobi Zrry39500 is priced lower in comparison to many of its counterparts offering equal power output, its performance seems to be at par. Most impressive is the overall sturdy nature of the construction of the machine.

Yes, the absence of stainless steel in the blades means that some degree of corrosion can be expected over a period of sustained usage. This machine weighs at just over 10 pounds. The lightweight nature of Zrry39500 ensures easing maneuvering for trimming around demanding corners and cutting taller hedges with ease.

Ryobi ZRP2603 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

As stated, Ryobi is equally established in the niche of electric hedge trimmers. It’s most commonly-seen offering here is the ZRP2603 trimmer. It is known to provide effortless functioning without any problems of fading power. The dual-action blades ensure better gripping and lesser vibrations. The ease of handling is further enhanced with a wrap-around handle that ensures easier cutting across all angles.

The blades might seem slightly smaller than the gas trimmer models at only 18 inches but with the hardened steel blades offer equally cutting incisiveness and durability. This machine uses 18V batteries. The packaging includes the charger but it is billed apart from the standard machinery. With a 500 watt electric motor, the ZRP2603 is not shy of performance but it cannot be used for demanding pruning purposes. It’s 500 mm bar length ensures each-of-reach across inaccessible hedges.