Worx Hedge Trimmers – Efficient Outdoor Trimmers

Over the past few years, Worx has been a great servant of the outdoor equipment industry offering powerful equipment for every purpose and need. Ranging from hedge trimmers to blowers, lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, and weed wakers, Worx has it all to fulfill every outdoor equipment requirement. Well known for its quality products, Worx equipment is the first choice of most of the customers when it comes to buying effective and efficient outdoor equipment.

Hedge trimmer is the most sold-out outdoor equipment among all the variants manufactured under the name of Worx. Among the most popular hedge trimmers, there comes the WG250 and the WG251 hedge trimmers. This cordless electric hedge trimmer comes with a powerful 18-volt battery and is of a height of 20-inches. To talk about the WG250 version, the dual-action blade of this amazing product help in minimizing the vibration caused during the usage and allows the user to undertake a smooth cutting experience. These are designed keeping in mind the easy-usage factor and is perfect for house owners who love to keep their garden trimmed. Apart from the WG 250, there is the WG 251 that is among the most liked and purchased hedge trimmers from the house of Worx. These 20-inch long hedge trimmers come with an 18-volt battery for smooth cutting even through the hardest of hedges. With the dual-action steel blades, one does not feel the effect of vibration while performing the trimming task and this makes sure the user performs the cutting task smoothly. The WG251 comes with light-weighted lithium-ion batteries that get charged in about half an hour and works perfectly for hours. Priced at roundabout $125, this startling hedge trimmer comes as the perfect option for garden lovers who prefer to trim their garden on their own. Apart from these two, there is the professional hedge trimmer range from the house of Worx and that includes the WG 250-9 hedge trimmer and the WG 202 hedge trimmer. Both of these come with powerful motors and effective lithium-ion batteries that ensure long-lasting performance all the time.

Worx hedge trimmers are popular for its easy-to-use functions and for delivering high-quality performance with every use. However, there are certain cons reported by the users that they were unhappy with. The first in the list was the battery backup. The trimmers need charging from time to time. Even though there are the lithium-ion batteries that last for years, one needs to charge them fully so as to be able to use the hedge trimmer without any obstacle and complete the trimming task completely. The second in the list comes to the pricing. Critics believe that Worx hedge trimmers cost a shade more than other quality hedge trimmers even when they offer the same features. Art from these minor cons, there has been a positive customer response for almost all the hedge trimmers from the house of Worx.