Homelite Hedge Trimmers – The Hard Steel Blade Reduces Work Of The Trimming Chores

The Homelite Hedge Trimmer has twin steel action cutting edge to deal with the toughest stems or bush clean up. This low vibration design trimmer is more comfortable to use than single edge models. The hard steel blade reduces the work of the trimming chores. The build-in front guard helps to protect your hand and clothes while using the trimmer.

You literally need to just plug-in it and ready to work. This Homelite Hedge Trimmer is for frequent use and trims usually sized bushes having thin branches or sticks. Simply you can use it to clear-out the normal growth in your yard.

The price is just right, and except you have really some thick bushes, this Homelite Hedge Trimmer works just fine. The trigger of this trimmer is really very touchy, by that, it means you just need to hold it all the time in or stop the trimmer. It is entirely assembled, is simple to handle and works straight out of the box.

You have to hit the top button to unlock safety and then hold the yellow power handle. The problem is that the power trigger only depresses about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. So if you are using it and squeezing the whole hand and go to adjust your hand it shuts off. You have to keep the handle completely depress at all times.

It serves up the purpose and saves a lot of energy and time as compared to the manual trimmer. You can not perform this kind of work with the manual trimmer. There is a logoff switch for protection, but it has not a log on switch for constant running without leaving the trigger. Homelite Hedge Trimmer only can treat hedges with 3/8’s dia. thick and smaller. It runs very fast and also with slight noise as well.

There is a built-in extension cable of up to 6 inches with the handle that would aid in tall or large bushes trimming. Its articulating head comes in handy. During 5 minutes of trimming, it can handle your 12-foot arborvitae hedge. With extended pole, it can be very convenient and can reach-up quite higher.


  • Cuts up to 3/8 inch think
  • Dual blade decrease vibration for easy use
  • Built-in front guard to protect the hand when trimmer operation
  • Lightweight design enables extended treatment
  • Cheaper Hedge Trimmer
  • Ideal for small yards.


  • Not works for thicker stems
  • Maybe not batter for heavy-duty or large scale usage
  • Cable cord connection, not enough tight, it can come out some times.
  • Difficult to keep hold the trigger on when treating large bushes
  • It does not work fine on anything more than 1/4 in. diameter.

It has a little “learning” manual to use the tool efficiently. The power-head has to be spooled-up little high to work with this trimmer. A pleasant feature is the added reach & length with this trimmer as compared with the classic or electric gas trimmers. It has average, not the power-head and it can not work so long with repeated use.