Kawasaki Hedge Trimmers – Manage A Lawn Care Business Better For You

The Kawasaki is a trusted company to make quality jet skis, motorcycles and professional cord-less power tools and it also makes specialized grade hedge trimmers. If you need only to trim your bushes a small number of times a year, then conceivably Kawasaki Hedge Trimmer is surplus for your requirement and it may be definitely too costly. But if you need to trim a lot of hedges or if you want to manage a lawn care business, then this Kawasaki Hedge Trimmer is better for you.

Kawasaki Hedge Trimmers
weigh-on about eleven pounds, thus keep in mind while purchasing hedge trimmers. It is designed for biting through obstinate braches while provided that you have a long reach and a lot of power. The blades have couple of feet length.

Maybe Kawasaki is so to make vehicles that Kawasaki Hedge Trimmers are practically large enough to be a vehicle. It needs only to have a kick and be pretty powerful. Some Kawasaki Hedge Trimmers may be illegal to sell, buy or use in the some places. In fact, any flammable powered engine with portable device may be prohibited to use in areas due to laws of pollution.

The nature of the blade-shape is called “chamfered”, that is a fancy mode of saying the blade is angled to help out you get-into difficult to reach areas akin to tree branches.

Another nice feature on this Kawasaki Hedge Trimmer is that its handle rotates or can move in some adjustable way. It means that so as to get the blade in some awkward area, you not need to move yourself in any awkward position. It cuts-down on the fatigue feature and helps out you to maintain your balance. You only will need to maintain your balance while operating with dangerous and big piece of equipment.

This trimmer is powerful enough and rugged to perform commercial level jobs but may be not within access of many home owners. But more significant, it performs the job efficiently and with no lots of whistles and bells.


  • Weight (round about): 5kg
  • Air cooled 2 stroke petrol engine, vertical shaft
  • Clutch: auto centrifugal type
  • Carburetor: Dia-phragm type
  • Solid state ignition
  • Recoil starter
  • Double reciprocating and double-sided blades.
  • Blade length or cutting length: 598 to 519mm
  • Ideal for gardening professional


  • 2 stroke smoky engine
  • Heavy to handle
  • Not offered in California
  • Costly for normal house hold usage

Not only the Kawasaki Hedge Trimmer is a possibility of making cut with the blades, but you have the possibility of getting electrocuted but cut down through the cable while trimming. These trimmers are primarily developed to cut woody plants and grass in backyards, gardens or anywhere that requires clearing jobs. On the back-end from the scale, a complete beard can be kept, and you can use the trimmer to cut-off rogue or any lengthy bushes. Some models are typically made of plastic, several has stainless steel covering and presented with stainless-steel blades.