Hedge Trimmers Ratings – Ratings Of Hedge Trimmers Are Done By Experts Who Regularly Judge Various Gardening Tools

Ratings of hedge trimmers are done by experts who regularly judge various gardening tools and are familiar with all the brands available in the market. They have come to the conclusion that a burly, noisy brute of a machine is not necessarily the best in the market. Also experts kind of frown upon the cordless variety of hedge trimmers. Sophisticated and experienced gardeners also detest the noisy versions in the electric variety. Considering all these likes and dislikes the best hedge trimmers according to them are the following:

Most people do not need the brute power available in modern machines. Black & Decker is a favorite of the aficionados and for domestic use, they recommend the Black & Decker NHT 518. It is a cordless hedge trimmer that is battery operated. This gets a rating of 4.6.

Stihl products are also much loved by experts. The recommended model in the hedge trimmers rating battle is the Stihl HS 45 Homescaper. The twenty four-inch blades and the large engine won the hearts of many reviewers. This is gas-operated and has the sound of a moped. It weighs only eleven pounds. This gets a rating of 4.6 too.

For people who are not built like lumbermen, the Craftsman 79957 is the perfect tool. It runs on electricity and weighs only 7.6 pounds. The trigger can be locked so that you do not get a numb finger because of pulling at the trigger throughout the hedge trimming operation. Craftsman products are also well-loved both by customers and reviewers. This gets a rating of 4.5

Here comes the bully of the lot and it can cut through branches as thick as three fourth of an inch. This brute is heavy and it is one of the most powerful hedge trimmers. This is the Echo HC 160. And it can really clear the hedge pretty fast. It does make a lot of noise and being gas operated releases some fowl exhausts. Otherwise, no one can beat it for power. Again a rating of 4.6

Reviewers also loved the long reach of the Black & Decker HH 2450. It has a 24” dual-action blade. It delivers two thousand nine hundred strokes per minute and weighs only 6.2 pounds. It has a two-year warranty and is operated by electricity. This gets a rating of 4.5

The reviewers have looked at many features before coming to a conclusion. Safety is a big issue and hedge trimmers with cable protection hooks, finger guards and auto cut off systems have been giving preference. Ergonomics in all tools used by humans is also taken into consideration, that is the easiness with which a gadget or tool can be used by a person.

While deciding upon the ratings of hedge trimmers the grip of the handle is one of the major features to be thought of. A comfortable and secure grip is very necessary. Good hedge trimmers operated on gas have translucent tanks to make you aware of the amount of fuel available so that you are not stuck midway in a job because of the lack of gas. The front hand or the left hand should also have a comfortable grip with a hand guard to protect from falling debris. Taking all these things into consideration the ratings have been given to the top five hedge trimmers in the market.