Hedge Trimmers Reviews – Hedge Trimmers Are Being Constantly Reviewed For The Benefit Of Enthusiastic Gardeners

Gardening tools are so much in demand that hedge trimmers are being constantly reviewed for the benefit of enthusiastic gardeners. Craftsman is one brand that is constantly mentioned by reviewers and the Craftsman Trimmer with the nineteen-inch blade gets the nod of approval because of its economical price and handiness. It has a powerful 25 cc motor and can cut through branches as thick as 3/8th of an inch. It weighs eleven pounds and is gas-powered.

The Black & Decker TRO17 Electric hedge trimmer is a very handy tool. It is great for trimming hedges and reviewers have loved its lightweight feel. The motor is 2.8 Amps and very reliable. The seventeen-inch blade gives 3500 strokes per minute and the blade is rust-resistant. The safety features are much appreciated by reviewers and users.

Another favorite of reviewers is the Black & Decker HH2450. It has a fantastic reach of 24 inches with steel blades. It is excellent for tall and wide hedges. This is an electric dual action perfect trimmer for hedges. It can even cut through branches as thick as 3/4th of an inch. The very well balanced hedge trimmer is easy to handle. It has a powerful 3.3 Amps motor and weighs only 6.2 pounds. A must buy for people with longer and higher hedges.   It carries a two-year warranty.

Professional gardeners still prefer the gas-operated hedge trimmers. Constant outdoor activity makes them tough and they do not mind the extra weight and the noise of these powerful and versatile hedge trimmers. Other hedger trimmers according to these professional reviewers are sissy machines. These machines can indeed be heavy especially when the tank is full. The choice of all these professional reviewers is the Echo HC 150. The twenty inch blade can reach most corners in the hands of a professional gardener. The Echo HC 165 has a longer blade which is 24 inches long and the Echo 185 has a blade which is extraordinarily long at 30 inches. These hedge trimmers have motors that gardeners swear by and carry a five-year warranty anyway.

The reviews are heavily loaded towards the electric hedge trimmers and the cordless ones. The reason is that the gas-operated ones are not easy to lift. In the Electric hedge trimmers, Black and Decker again hold the fort and the only competition it gets is from Echo or sometimes the Stihl machines.

The cordless favorite again is a Black and Decker and the one reviewed by most people is the NHT 518. This is considered to be the best in the cordless category of hedge trimmers. It receives a general 4.4 rating from all reviewers. This is an eighteen Volts cordless version. It has a 22-inch blade and can cut through moderately thick branches. The battery has a running time of fifty minutes and the machine weighs only 6.4 pounds.

Despite all the reviews, the purchase of a hedge trimmer is a very personal choice. Going to a store and feeling the machines is much different than reading about them. The grips and handles can only be tested in a store. Also, the weight and balance is a matter of personal feelings. The final choice also depends on the height of the holder and his or her physical prowess and fitness.