Black & Decker HH2455 24-Inch Hedgehog Hedge Trimmer – It’s Light And Portable

Just over 6 pounds, the Black & Decker HH2455 24-Inch HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle and Dual Action Blades is comparatively light-weight, and also the lock-on switch makes it much simpler to handle large trimming tasks. Owners compliment its broad cut path and point out it’s able to cutting by means of three-forth inch-thick divisions. The Black & Decker HH2455 24-Inch HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle and Dual Action Blades will get probably the most suggestions amongst electric versions in online critiques. It’s now been substituted through the HH2455 that is identical with the exception that the trunk deal with rotates 180 degrees and may be secured into one of five opportunities. The extended reach in addition to nice stability of the HedgeHog HH2450 corded electric hedge trimmer turns it into a sensible choice for proper grooming hedges in difficult-to-reach spots. It’s light and portable and also the well-shaped body is simple to manage. This Black & Decker is included by a two-year warranty.
Black & Decker HH2455
Product Specifications
–    Back rotating handle for perfect hand placement while creating vertical cuts or sculpting
–    Shearing Blades cut divisions as much as 3/4-Inch thicker
–    Revolutionary inline motor design provides superior control, balance, and specific shaping
–    24-Inch Blade prolonged reach as well as slicing
–    Dual action blades pieces branches quicker and simpler with 40% less vibrations

Added benefits

• cut branches as much as 3/4 inch thicker – dealing with just about any shrub as well as hedge type available.
• For perfect hand position while trimming vertically or horizontally.
• Helps prevent trimmer from heading unplugged
• Lock off to avoid unintentional launch and lock-on for constant operating with less exhaustion
• Less top heavy and simpler to manage
• Dual action shearing blade for a clean cut with 40 % less vibrations
• For convenience and control

We loved the revolutionary style of the Black & Decker HH2450. Using its better stability then proceeding models, you can easily use and manage. The Black & Decker HH2455 24-Inch HedgeHog Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle and Dual Blade Action Blades weighs about 6.2 pounds and occurs entirely constructed and able to use straight out of the box. The 3.3 amp motor unit is located in accordance with the cutting blades and regulates the 24-inch dual-action blades. This HH2455 24-Inch Trimmer cuts branches as much as three-forth-inch using its two thousand eight hundred cutting moves for every minute.

Since it makes use of dual-action blades, the system vibrates much less than single-action models. We were in a position to trim a few feet above our heads using the 24-inch cutter for that reason good stability and since the system weighs so minimal. The features also authorized us to trim a large hedge. Additionally, the lengthy blade formed the trimming go faster than it might have a smaller blade. We believe that’s one more reason we were in a position to utilize the machine without unnecessary stress. We preferred the benefit of plug-and-go from the electric device.

The Black & Decker HH2450 HedgeHog provides good cutting functionality in a well-balanced, lightweight, long-bladed trimmer with all the convenience of a plug-in unit. The pigtail cord assists in keeping the extension-cord safely connected. The hard-hitting steel blades of the trimmer should remain sharp through a number of uses. A locking switch enables constant cutting along with a lock-off switch avoids accidental commencing. It’ll work nicely for that property owner with high or wide hedges or shrubs around hundred feets of the power socket.

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